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Steve Alexander, President of MSP-Ignite has been involved with providing IT Services for 30 years. His focus on profitable recurring revenue models has helped him sell both of his MSPs and involved him in over a dozen mergers and acquisitions. Steve has served on the Advisory Boards of local nonprofits, national Business Advisory Groups and the CompTIA Managed Services Community Executive Council.  As an advocate to the industry, Steve has been part of the group of subject matter experts who shape industry standards through creating CompTIA Trustmarks.  His experience in building business equity through strong internal systems and a focus on predictable recurring revenue is an asset to anyone in the IT Industry. He currently runs several industry peer groups.  Steve has learned that bringing peers together to discuss their challenges, business problems, best practices and lessons learned through mistakes is a primary method in helping any size solution provider grow.

 Building a profitable msp requires:

  • A dedicated focus on recurring revenue.
  • A commitment to a long range strategy with short term goals that are realistically attainable.
  • A partnership with reliable Managed Service Vendors.
  • Most importantly, it requires guidance and advice from a group of like-minded partners working towards the same goal.

Steve and MSP-Ignite will help you improve processes and increase the overall equity in your business. MSP-Ignite Peer Groups will provide you with a team of advisors that will share success, failures and concerns to escalate growth for all members.



1:15 PM–2:00 PM Aug 1, 2023 (US - Pacific)

Palazzo Ballroom E

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