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Compliance Risk Gets Compliance Ready by Keeping your Risk in Check offers MSPs a comprehensive solution for streamlining policy lifecycle management, governance, and compliance. It simplifies the tasks of policy drafting, implementation, management, and end user adoption. MSPs often struggle with limited resources when it comes to managing compliance requirements and supporting documentation and Polygon solves your compliance governance needs! understands the struggles MSPs face when it comes to managing policies that have a significant impact on organizations. The process of updating, cataloging, and maintaining these policies can be burdensome, leading to difficulties in tracking revisions. Furthermore, certain policies are complex and undergo frequent changes, making it challenging to stay compliant with evolving security frameworks. As a result, there is a risk of overlooking important requirements or failing to update policies appropriately. is dedicated to tackling these complexities and offering solutions that enable effective policy management and ensure compliance. By leveraging their platform, MSPs can streamline policy processes, stay up to date with regulatory changes, and mitigate the risks associated with policy management. introduces Polygon, a user-friendly SaaS app designed to simplify GRC policy management and governance specifically for MSPs. With Polygon, MSPs can streamline their compliance operations, effectively manage policies and procedures, and stay updated with the latest regulatory requirements. innovative approach and expertise have already assisted numerous MSPs in transitioning from compliance risk to compliance ready by keeping your risk in check.

Our solution

Polygon's Governance as a Service (GaaS) is the perfect solution for managing compliance documentation, tracking progress, facilitating approvals, and ensuring end user training and adoption.

Polygon simplifies compliance management by offering a centralized repository for documentation, progress tracking, approval workflows, and end user adoption. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive features, Polygon streamlines governance processes, enhances visibility, and reduces risks associated with non-compliance. It enables efficient management of compliance documentation, real-time tracking of progress, streamlined approval workflows, and comprehensive end user training. Polygon ensures accountability, facilitates regulatory compliance, and empowers organizations to keep their risk in check.

Polygon has a 4 part process for Governance as a Service:

  1. Alignment: The alignment phase involves aligning the policies and procedures with the overall business objectives of the clients. Writing polices using a comprehensive WYSIWYG online editor with full version control, redlining, merge and replacement tags, and all the comforts of word editors you are used to, right in your browser.
  2. Authorization: The authorization phase centers around obtaining the necessary approvals for implementing the policy governance program. During this phase, Polygon informs your clietns proposed policies, procedures, and compliance measures to the clients for review and approval through the Polygon SaaS app. Polygon allows for client feedback loop with client. Clients can request modifications via commenting, redlining and versioning allowing the MSP to address these concerns and work towards obtaining the necessary authorization to proceed with the program.
  3. Adoption: The adoption phase focuses on implementing the approved policies and procedures across the clients' organizations. This involves creating awareness and training programs to ensure that the clients' employees understand the policies and comply with them. The adoption phase aims to encourage a culture of compliance within the clients' organizations and integrate the policies into their daily operations.
  4. Assessment: The assessment phase involves regularly evaluating and monitoring the effectiveness of the policy governance program. The assessment phase ensures that the program remains up-to-date, relevant, and aligned with any changes in regulations or industry standards.

By leveraging Polygon's GaaS, MSPs can streamline their policy lifecycle management, significantly reducing the time and effort required for policy creation, implementation, and maintenance. This not only improves operational efficiency but also helps MSPs stay ahead of compliance requirements, mitigating the risk of security gaps and non-compliance. The result is a robust and comprehensive policy governance program that enhances the MSP's credibility, instills trust among clients, and ultimately drives business growth.


  • Streamlined Policy Lifecycle Management: Polygon simplifies the entire policy lifecycle management process for MSPs, from policy inception to ongoing review and maintenance. The platform provides a centralized and intuitive interface that guides MSPs through each phase, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.
  • Customized Policy Creation: With Polygon, MSPs can create policies that are tailored to their specific needs and the requirements of their clients. The platform offers a range of templates, tools, and resources to assist in the creation of well-structured and compliant policies.
  • Regulatory Compliance Expertise: Polygon is designed to help MSPs navigate the complex landscape of regulatory compliance. The solution incorporates the latest regulatory requirements and industry best practices, providing MSPs with the guidance and support they need to stay compliant.
  • Collaboration and Feedback: Polygon facilitates collaboration and feedback from stakeholders, including clients and internal teams. MSPs can easily engage with relevant parties, gather input, and incorporate feedback into policy development and governance processes.
  • Robust Policy Tracking and Revision Control: The platform includes features that enable efficient tracking of policy revisions and changes. MSPs can easily document and manage policy versions, ensuring a comprehensive audit trail and simplifying compliance reporting.
  • Compliance Monitoring and Reporting: Polygon offers monitoring and reporting capabilities to help MSPs proactively assess and monitor their compliance status. The solution provides insights into policy adherence, identifies potential compliance gaps, and generates comprehensive reports for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: By automating and streamlining policy governance processes, Polygon significantly improves operational efficiency for MSPs. The solution reduces manual effort, eliminates redundant tasks, and frees up valuable time and resources for other critical business activities.
  • Scalable and Flexible Solution: Polygon is designed to scale with the growing needs of MSPs. Whether the MSP manages a few clients or a large portfolio, the solution can accommodate varying requirements and adapt to changing compliance landscapes.
  • Bring your PSA - Tie right onto ConnectWise Manage: Polygon seamlessly integrates with ConnectWise Manage, allowing MSPs to leverage their existing professional services automation (PSA) system. This integration eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and enables a streamlined workflow between Polygon and ConnectWise Manage, ensuring efficient policy management within the ConnectWise ecosystem.
  • SaaS-based Multitenant Solution: Polygon operates as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, providing MSPs with a cloud-based, multitenant platform. This architecture allows MSPs to access and manage their policy processes securely from anywhere, without the need for on-premises infrastructure or individual installations.
  • Complete Policy Process Management for CMMC, NIST, HIPAA, CIS: Polygon covers a wide range of compliance frameworks, including CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification), NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), and CIS (Center for Internet Security). MSPs can leverage Polygon's comprehensive policy process management features to address the specific compliance requirements associated with these frameworks.
  • Centralized Document Management: Polygon provides a centralized document management system, enabling MSPs to organize and store policy-related documents in a structured manner. This centralized approach simplifies document retrieval, version control, and ensures that all necessary policy documents are easily accessible.
  • Write Once, Deploy to All Clients: With Polygon, MSPs can create policies once and efficiently deploy them to all their clients. This eliminates the need for duplicative policy creation efforts, saving time and ensuring consistency across multiple client environments.
  • User/Role-Based Credentials: Polygon incorporates user and role-based credentials, allowing MSPs to grant access and permissions to specific individuals or groups based on their roles and responsibilities. This granular access control ensures that only authorized personnel can view, edit, or manage policies within the platform.
  • Client-Facing Portal: Polygon offers a client-facing portal where MSPs can share policies and relevant compliance information with their clients. This portal enhances transparency and collaboration, enabling clients to access and review policies, contributing to a more inclusive compliance process.
  • API's and SDK's for Custom Connections: Polygon provides API's and SDK's (Application Programming Interfaces and Software Development Kits) that allow MSPs to integrate the solution with other systems, tools, or custom applications. This enables seamless data exchange and integration with existing MSP workflows and technology stack.
  • Bring Your Own Documents: MSPs have the flexibility to bring their own policy documents into Polygon. The platform supports the import and integration of existing policy documentation, allowing MSPs to build upon their current policy framework and adapt it to the streamlined management offered by Polygon.
  • Use Our Baseline Library Policies: Polygon offers a baseline library of pre-defined policies that MSPs can leverage as a starting point. These ready-to-use policies cover a range of compliance requirements, saving time and effort in policy creation while ensuring a strong foundation for compliance management.
  • Shareable Knowledgebase: Polygon includes a shareable knowledgebase where MSPs can document and centralize their institutional compliance knowledge. This knowledge base can be easily accessed and shared across the organization, facilitating knowledge transfer, collaboration, and consistent compliance practices.
  • Self-Hosted, Cloud Hosted, or Gov-Cloud Option: Polygon offers flexible hosting options to suit MSP preferences and compliance requirements. MSPs can choose to self-host the solution, opt for cloud hosting, or leverage a dedicated government cloud option, ensuring compliance with specific regulatory requirements or security standards.

Polygon+ Policy PACKS

Polygon+ consists of several Policy Packs that are a collection of documents, policies and procedures to guide decision-making and actions within your organization. These policies can cover a wide range of topics, including security, privacy, compliance, and ethics. Our packs are designed to ensure consistency to compliance and to help minimize risk.

Polygon Policy Packs can be tailored to specific industries, such as healthcare, finance, CMMC, defense, and other industries and can be customized to meet the needs of a particular organization.

  • FTC Safeguard PACK
  • CMMC 800-171 PACK
  • CIS v8 PACK


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