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Company Overview

In 2006, we started out offering IT and MSP services. Through extensive involvement in peer groups and events, other MSPs were consistently asking us how to properly secure their networks. We realized that our true skillsets and passions were with proactive cybersecurity, rather than overall MSP services. Since 2016 years, we’ve focused entirely on cybersecurity for MSPs. We draw on our cybersecurity expertise, armed forces heritage and cutting-edge technologies to protect your clients, so you can focus on everything else that pops up when running an IT business.


Between tickets, network challenges, and customer requests, it’s impossible for most MSPs to also keep up with all the security threats that come at their clients. Let us focus on your cybersecurity protection, so you can spend your valuable time on your core IT business and clients without worrying about what risks you might be missing or needing to have deep understanding of all the best in breed security vendors to cover your bases.

BLOKWORX simplifies security solutions and constantly prevents cyber threats before they become catastrophic events, so MSPs can protect their clients, reduce their risks and have peace of mind with a trusted and proven Security Partner watching their backs.


In addition to EDR, XDR, and MDR solutions for monitoring, BLOKWORX focuses on preventing threats before they become actionable events. Of course, we have the capability to alert on and remediate threats if they do become an issue, like the traditional solutions; but we’d prefer to stop threats before they have any opportunity to dwell within your systems. That’s the prevention mindset you need to keep your clients safe.

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Robert Boles

Founder & President at BLOKWORX

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Channel Sales Executive at BLOKWORX

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Director of Marketing and Strategy at BLOKWORX

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