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Abundant IoT is a provider of worldwide technology services focused on IoT, comprising Energy, Connectivity, Mobility and Cloud services combined with devices (ie- sensors).  As experts in technology facility sourcing, Abundant IoT also offers Pyrolysis (transforming plastic/waste into energy) Solutions as well as Crypto Currency (ie- Green Bitcoin Mining) options, among other sourcing (ie- datacenter) solutions. 

We empower, transform, and support organizations through a channel of independent Technology Advisor Partners. Our leadership and management provide high-level consultation on projects for optimal customer outcomes. With hundreds of contracts available and over 25 years of experience in the space, we customize the best solution for your organization through our channel of experts.

Abundant IoT focuses on Energy, which is often the missing link when putting together an efficient and effective technology stack for IoT. Think of it this way: do you think about turning the light on when you walk into a room? Energy Services are the foundation of the services that tie IoT together in a completely customized solution.

The timing to discover the right IoT solution for your client or company has never been better. With the shift to cloud solutions and SaaS coupled with the pandemic and the work-from-home revolution, the need for automation has dramatically increased creating a great path for IoT. The time for Abundant IoT is now.

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Vince Bradley - IoT
Vince Bradley

CEO at Abundant IoT


Paola Tafolla

Operations Manager at Abundant IoT

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Paul Vu

Channel Manager at Abundant IoT

Tem Wu

Senior VP of Mobility & IoT at Abundant IoT

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