Vendor Education

The Science of Partnering Trust

10:45 AM–11:15 AM Aug 3, 2023 (US - Pacific)

Palazzo Ballroom D


As business models rapidly transform and the nature of how vendors relate to their partners continues to shift, the ability to build effective and successful long-term partnerships is becoming increasingly complex. Partnering with researchers at The University of Notre Dame and Arizona State University, AchieveUnite recently completed the first-of-its-kind, academically verified research around the partner/vendor dynamic and has identified the personality dimensions necessary to effectively partner and form trusting relationships in our modern world. In this session we will explore the scientifically proven qualities of PQi® or Partnering Quotient Index that directly intersect with partnering ability, including: Why these qualities are needed for interdepartmental partnering, working on cross-functional teams, building alliances, forming collaborations, working through internal mergers, as well as successfully partnering with external organizations. How these qualities enable leaders to drive and navigate our rapidly changing ecosystem.