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Managed Services Committee Meeting (Open To All Attendees)

2:15 PM–3:00 PM Aug 1, 2023 (US - Pacific)

Palazzo Ballroom M

Join the North America Managed Services Committee for an interactive session as we unveil our latest project – the MSP guidebook, designed to empower Managed Service Providers to unlock their full potential. This guidebook, beneficial for MSPs of all sizes, focuses on enhancing efficiencies and pinpointing areas of improvement for business owners, ultimately driving growth and success.
Dive deep into the six crucial topics – Service Portfolio Management, Process Creation, New Hire Training, Best Practices for Vendor Management, Marketing Awareness, and Media Perception and Reputation. These topics were designed from the output we received at CCF and have been specifically positioned to help MSPs streamline operations, accelerate business growth, and stay ahead of the competition. By implementing these models, MSPs can optimize their service offerings, improve internal processes, and strengthen their market presence.
By attending this session, you will not only expand your knowledge and expertise but also play a crucial role in shaping the future success of the North America MSP committee as we determine our next initiative. Don't miss this opportunity to contribute to the ongoing development of the MSP committee and help businesses thrive in today's competitive landscape.